We at Mann and Parker believe that man and the environment are intertwined and that the quality of life is dependent on proper stewardship of the environment.  “Proper Stewardship” to Mann and Parker does not mean the arbitrary and unnecessary deprivation of our natural and renewable resources, rather, we believe that mankind and our environment can co-exist through carefully managed multiple-use of these precious resources.  Further, it is our belief that proper stewardship of the environment (as previously stated) is essential to and will benefit both current and future generations. 

The Appalachian Hardwood region that Mann and Parker relies on for its’ Gold Brand Quality Hardwoods has been verified a sustainable resource.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Forest Inventory and Analysis research found this region is growing on average 2.29 trees for every tree harvested. 

The Mann and Parker Lumber Company purchase’s their Gold Brand Quality Softwood Lumber from resources that practice woodlands operations that supports sustainable forestry initiatives.

Many of Mann and Parkers employees are Forestry Graduates from many prestigious institutions.  Our Chairman of the Board, Robert R. Bushman Sr., graduated with a Forestry Degree from Michigan State University and has instilled in all of his employees a respect for the environment and this valuable renewable resource.

To further demonstrate our support of sound environmental practices, we have developed our own Environmental Policy, which we would like to share with our customers, suppliers and associates.


  • Comply with all environmental law and regulations, coupled with an energy conservation program.
  • Consciously conserve resources through implementing waste saving measures and actively participate in recycling programs.
  • Maintain a work environment that educates and encourages employee suggestions on improving environmental performance and take into consideration the environment in the decision making process.
  • Assist in educating customers and suppliers on environmental issues as they pertain to our industry and their social impact. 
  • Understand and respond to public health and environmental impacts of our products and services.
  • Actively participate in various professional organizations that encourage and practice sound muti-use forestland management.

Contact your Forest Products Consultant for more information or give us a call and let us know if, and how, we can assist you in voicing your concerns and viewpoints.

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